Easter, like Christmas is not a Day, but a Season! 

Brushing up on our Catholicism is always good! 

We want to be good stewards, good Catholics! 

Leading up to Easter we celebrated and dedicated ourselves to LENT...a 40/46 day journey to greater discipline in our lives. Focusing more deeply into our prayerful self. As we journeyed along with Christ into a baron desert we should have been reflecting inward, entering Holy Week ready to be reborn...leaving behind a vice, a sin, an obstacle and replacing it with Christ. Though the Resurrection we are saved, reborn and ready to be a better version of ourselves.

Like Spring, the rebirth on earth bursts with new life around us and the day grows longer than the night, we are reminded of the significance of the process of metamorphosis to the spiritual journey. We must surrender what is old so that we might be made new. Without it, there would be no transformation. It is this truth that we savor and celebrate during the fifty days of Easter.

Perhaps the most neglected season in the Church is the 50 Days of Easter--Eastertide. It will end on June 9th, in 2019

But let's travel backwards just a bit...we begin with Lent,...

Strove Tuesday (fat tuesday for some), cleaning of the soul 

Ash Wednesday --day of prayer and fasting

Lent is 40 days ending on Holy Thursday which is Passover, the Last Super Meal. the preparation of the believer for Easter through prayer, doing penence, mortifying the flesh, repentance of sins, almsgiving, and denial of self/ego

Holy Week...my favorite week of the year. 

Good Friday and Easter...

So we begin for the 8 days after Easter, known as the Octave. Octave is Latin, meaning 8 days, Began by Constantine I, when the dedication festivities of the basilicas at Jerusalem and Tyre were observed for eight days and became a function of the Church ever since. Continuing on with Eastertide, the 50 days of Easter ending at Pentecost. While the Church is trying to re-introduce some practices lost after Vatican II, it is time to re-dedicate ourselves. 

If you did something or gave up something for Lent and you could see a benefit from that change in your life during that 40 days, why not consider extending that practice through the Easter Season?

So, between now and June 9th,...Pentecost...and the Holy Spirit filling us, the body of Christ...guide yourself with good works, good habits, and reflections of the better person you were preparing during Lent. Smile more, give more, share more, be kinder and filled with the spirit. As Spring warms the earth and bears first fruits of the harvest...as in ACTS 2...bring forth the Holy Spirit, 

use these 50 days...

your reward will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!    The Kingdom of God! 


In Christ,